5 Most Productive Varieties Of Best Tomatoes Growing

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Among the vegetables I love growing tomatoes, I am going to share with you some tips about the five most productive tomato varieties that you can follow to grow lots of organic tomatoes on your rooftop. Tomatoes do not need a very large pot to grow, they grow well in small pots that should be 12 by 12 or 14 by 14 inches, which is great for growing tomatoes on the roof.
5 most productive varieties of best tomatoes growing – tips 2024
Among the vegetables I love growing tomatoes, I am going to share with you some tips about the five most productive tomato varieties that you can follow to grow lots of organic tomatoes on your rooftop. Tomatoes do not need a very large pot to grow, they grow well in small pots that should be 12 by 12 or 14 by 14 inches, which is great for growing tomatoes on the roof. Some specific months are chosen for growing tomatoes, it is planted between December to February, June to July, and October to November. There are two ways to grow tomatoes, either get seeds from an agriculture shop or grow tomatoes at home by extracting seeds from fresh tomatoes. How to prepare the soil to get one and a half whole tomatoes in a pot. Let me tell you how to care for each stage of plant growth. I will tell you why the leaves of the tomato plant turn. Why does the flower get rooted before and what is the solution to these problems?

Seedling Tray Soil Mixture

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Now, in the soil mixture, we have to prepare for planting seeds, take 50 percent vermicompost and 50 percent coco peat, and mix it well. Now fill the prepared mixture in the seedling tray and plant three to four seeds in each section so that even if none of the seeds germinate, we can still have seedlings. When the plants grow, weak seedlings will be removed from them, so that healthy seedlings can be selected. You have to keep the seedling tray in a shaded place until the germination is done. Sprinkle water whenever you don’t see moisture in the soil on the top surface until the seeds germinate. Do not water them too much or the seeds may spoil, In about nine to 10 days, your plants will emerge and three to four leaves will have grown on them. Now our little plants are ready to be placed in sunlight for two to three hours. Hard and silty soil prevents the roots from growing, so the plant does not grow well. It needs organic soil rich in nutrition to bear fruit well. Now before transplanting the plant we have to take 50 percent garden soil, 30 percent vermicompost, and 20 percent cocopeat and mix it well. And use two handfuls of neem cake powder that prevents fungus from infecting plant roots.

Pot Or Container Selection

To grow a lot of tomatoes in a pot, your pot must be large because the roots of a tomato plant can spread out a lot. Plant only one plant in a medium-sized container or grow bag. If more than one plant is planted, the plant will not grow well or produce fruit well. Remember to have a good system of drainage holes in the bottom of your pot so that unnecessary water can drain out of the pot. After transplanting the plant, place the pot in a place where it gets a full day or five to six hours of sunlight. If your pot is large, you should plant another plant at a distance of six to eight inches so that the plant does not lack nutrients and can spread its roots regularly. The specialty of tomato plants is that they are self-pollinated, having both female and male organs.

Tomato Flower Pollination 

We also grow flowers in our house which attract pollinators and pollination is very important for tomato plants, if you have placed the plants in a place where pollinators do not come, You can do pollination with the help hand, By doing this, the flowers of your tomato plant will not fall. After 80 days, most of the flowers have converted to fruit and almost all the plants are filled with lots of green and green tomatoes, the branches are long enough and the plants do not fall due to the weight of the tomatoes. They have been tied and supported with the help of bamboo sticks and thread. 

Tomato Harvesting Tip

The tomato plants are now about three and a half months old and as you can see the plants are full of ripe red juicy tomatoes. Most of the tomatoes are fully red and ready for harvesting.  You can see that the leaves on the plant are starting to turn yellow and dry. You should keep breaking off the dead leaves and lower leaves.  A large number of small and large green tomatoes will appear attached which will be ready for harvesting after 15-20 days. 

Fertilizing Tomato Plant

Potted tomato plants are grown in limited resources and poor soil, so for best results, plants need to be fed with a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer at each stage of growth. After transplanting, water only for the first 15-20 days  Then add well-rotted dung manure vermicompost or homemade compost once every 15 days at the rate of two handfuls per square foot and do light mulching as well. I do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers at all because I organic vegetables, I compost most of my plants from kitchen waste and I get these wonderful results.

5 Most Productive Tomato Varieties

By the way, the number of varieties found in tomatoes is very high, but there are some varieties that you fall in love with after growing them and you try to grow the same varieties every year, Which can give more fruit production.
  1. Hossinator Tomato STM225
  2. Bella Rosa Tomato
  3. Celebrity Plus Tomato
  4. Big Beef Plus Tomato
  5. Better Boy Plus Tomato 

 Hossinator Tomato STM225

Hossinator tomato is a variety that has a large size, good taste, and good disease resistance.  It is a hybrid type of tomato, which means that a new variety has been created by crossing two different types of tomatoes. This tomato is large with an average weight of eight to 12 ounces while some fruits reach one pound. The taste of this tomato is very delicious and sweet. The most interesting thing is that this tomato plant has a high capacity to fight diseases. ripen. This tomato variety takes about 70 to 75 days to ripen. This variety can be very efficient for those who have limited space as it stops growing after a certain number of fruits are planted. Keep the pot in which you have planted the tomato in a sunny place and use a soil and pot that can drain water. When the tomato plant bears fruit, it cannot support its weight, so  Some support is needed. Water regularly, especially when the summer season is at its peak.

Bella Rosa Tomato

Bella Rosa is a determinate variety, this variety has a lot of resistance to diseases, it is a hybrid variety, which means that the tomato produced by crossing two different tomato varieties is called a hybrid variety. Its fruit size is also big, long and round and its taste is very good. If you use it in a sandwich, you will like it. Its tomato sauce is also very tasty. Looks beautiful and gives good production. Its plant size is not so big. Keep pruning it on time, Pruning allows the plant to put out more branches, which increases the chances that we will get more fruit.

Celebrity Plus Tomato

My favorite varieties include the Celebrity Plus tomato variety which has a very delicious taste and is a hybrid determinate variety with disease resistance and a very large plant size. This tomato averages seven to 10 ounces in weight and tastes great with a well-balanced flavor that imparts a sweet and slightly acidic taste. Take special care to protect this plant from insects and diseases. If necessary, mix neem oil with water and spray it with water.  Includes TSWV, Fusarium wilt, Alternaria stem canker, Verticillium wilt, and Tobacco mosaic virus. Celebrity Plus tomatoes take 70 to 80 days to ripen after the plant is transplanted, it is a determinate variety, which means it will stop growing after producing a certain number of tomatoes.

Big Beef Plus Tomato

Beef plus tomato is also a hybrid variety which is a new breed created by crossing two different varieties of tomato. It is large and a very tasty tomato. Its virtue is that it is known to be resistant to diseases. Known for its large size and excellent flavor, tomatoes are known for their ability to fight disease and insects, And this is his identity. Large in size and beautiful in appearance, the tomatoes average seven to eight ounces in weight and are among the most versatile tomatoes. This tomato variety takes about 75 to 80 days to ripen. It is an indeterminate variety and it is capable of producing fruit throughout the year, it does not bear fruit in cold weather and if you want to get a large quantity of tomatoes in a small space, you can grow this variety.

Better Boy Plus tomato

The Better Boy Plus tomato variety is a hybrid variety created by crossing two different varieties of tomato.  Available in medium and large sizes, this tomato is very sweet and has a large amount of juice, which gives it a different flavor.

Common diseases that can attack this plant include:

  • TSWV
  • Fusarium Wilt
  • Alternaria Wilt
  • Alternaria Stem Canker
  • Verticillium Wilt
  • Tobacco Mosaic Virus

Keep fertilizing on time and take special care of water because tomato plants need more nutrients.

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