5 Types Of Bell Pepper Seeds Planting In Spring Season At Home.

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Grow bell pepper best 5 most productive varities

Bell pepper seeds are very easy to grow. I grow them twice a year in pots on my terrace. Today I’ll tell you the types of bell pepper seeds planted in the spring season, Some people call it capsicum and some call it sweet bell pepper. I grow a lot of green yellow and red capsicums. That too 100% organically. Like me, a lot of capsicums grow in pots in my rooftop garden. If you want to grow it in your terrace garden or balcony garden, then this article is for you. You can grow bell pepper seeds in two ways, the first method is from fresh capsicum brought from the market and the second method is to grow it by visiting your nearby agriculture shop and selecting the seed variety. I will tell you five types of which you must grow in the year 2024.

Bell Pepper Seeds Preparation

I have removed the seeds, now if I put them directly into the soil, they may not germinate, so I will put them in a shady place for two days and train them. After two days, the batches are dry. For best results, instead of growing them directly on the soil, grow them in a seed link mix, mix 50 percent cocopeat and 50 percent vermicompost, and moisten them. Do not plant the seeds too deep, just cover them with a layer of soil and water well. So we have to water it only enough to keep the soil slightly moist. Place it in a place where it gets two to three hours of morning sun. Both the right weather and the right temperature are essential for growing capsicum. Otherwise, either the seeds are not germinated or even if they are germinated, the fruits are not produced. For good growth, a temperature of 35 degrees is required. I apply capsicum twice a year. After about 90 days of planting your seeds, it will give you your first harvest of bell peppers. bell pepper plants can be easily grown in 10 to 12-inch medium-sized containers. When five to six leaves emerge from the plant, it is ready to be transplanted into a larger pot.

Soil Preparation For Seeds

Ready to grow lots of capsicums in pots you need well-drained and nutrient-rich soil. To make a good vigorous soil mix, you need normal soil with 50 percent vermicompost or well-rotted soil. Cow dung manure 30 percent cocopeat, and 20 percent, and two handfuls of neem powder. After 10 days of transplanting the plants are a bit taller now I cut the growing tip of the plant in such a way that it will give lots of side branches from the bottom and the plant will be denser the plant is, The plant will give more fruits. After a month, the plant will begin to bear fruit. At the beginning of flowering, add water only when the soil on the upper surface is dry because overwatering can cause the plants to fall before fruiting.

Bell Pepper Harvesting

It has been two months since the capsicum plants were transplanted and the fruits are now turning into small fruits. Red and yellow bell peppers have also started flowering. Colorful bell peppers have both late flowering and fruiting. All types of capsicum are green at first and then the fruit matures capsicum plants are fast growing and early fruiting so they are also heavy feeders for good results. Keep watering and fertilizing regularly, Fertilizer must be given. 
After transplanting, once in every 15 days, add two handfuls of well-rotted dung manure or vermicompost to each pot and loosen the topsoil a little. By doing this, the water drainage will also be good and the nutrition will reach the bottom of the pot. For rapid growth, it needs potassium-rich fertilizer and for this, making pull fertilizer is the best option. Make peel fertilizer for the banana, Bake the peels in the sun until crispy.

My 5 Most Favourite Types

  • Snakbites Mix F1 Hybrid.
  • Summer Salad F1 Hybrid.
  • Sweet Astor F1.
  • Romano Sweet.
  • California Wonder TMR 300.


Some of my favorite chili peppers include the varieties that I have shared with you in this article that provide you with instructions from planting the seeds to preparing the soil and harvesting. You will be able to make your rooftop garden lush green.

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