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Who is Herbie?

I’m Maher Ali, the green rooftop gardener from Herbie’s Garden. I love plants because they bring happiness in our lives and keep us close to nature. Plants have this incredible ability and I have created this blog to guide you how to make your city greener, that too at home.

What is Herbie’s Garden all about?

Herbie’s Garden is more than just a blog, In this blog, you will be given all the information related to gardening, how to grow vegetables, how to grow herbs and their interesting facts. If you’re looking to get hands-on experience with garden plants, this blog is for you. Plant enthusiasts can inspire us. We’re designed to educate and connect with you.

What you can expect

Gardening Tips

From novice-friendly guides to advanced techniques, we’re here to help you cultivate your own green oasis.

Herbal Wisdom

Discover the incredible benefits of herbs, both in the garden and for your well-being. Explore herbal remedies, recipes, and more.

Plant Spotlights

Join us on a journey of exploration as we shine a spotlight on different plant species. Learn about their unique characteristics, care tips, and how to incorporate them into your space.

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This blog is not just about me – it’s a community for plant lovers. Share your experiences, ask questions, and connect with our blog in the comments section. Let’s grow together!

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Thank you for stopping by Herbie’s Garden. Let’s cultivate a world of green wonders together!

Happy Gardening,

Founder, Herbie’s Gardening.