How do you Save Heirloom Tomato Seeds?

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Heirloom Tomato seeds are extracted in two ways: the tomatoes you buy from the market and the ones you grow yourself. The seeds will be taken out and saved for the next season so that when the time comes, tomatoes can be cultivated again and we can all play a role in keeping our land green and at the same time healthy and energetic. Stay tuned, let’s learn how to remove seeds from a heirloom tomato.

I trust and rely more on the seeds I have grown from my tomatoes than store-bought seeds.

Walter white beauty tomato

Select the Tomato Plant

Never choose a plant that is prone to diseases. To grow good tomatoes in the next season, choose healthy and fresh tomatoes. Our plants will produce more tomatoes from such tomatoes in the coming season.

Extract out the Seeds

Cut the tomato into two parts, and remove the seeds along with the membrane with the help of your fingers or a spoon. You will see these seeds wrapped in gel on the surface. After washing them, put them in a clean glass container to start their further process.

Strain the Seeds in Water

Place the tomatoes in a strainer and pinch them until you see the seeds in the strainer, then run the strainer under running water to loosen the gel particles attached to the seeds and you can separate them from the batches. Wash the seeds thoroughly choose a fine mesh cloth and lay the seeds in it. This will dry the gel attached to the seeds and return the seeds to their natural state.

Check the Seed’s Quality

This is a unique way to check the quality of the seeds to find out which seeds are useful and which are useless. After a while, these seeds will start sinking in the water and there will be some seeds that will continue to float on the surface of the water even after hours have passed. Such seeds are completely useless because they are not capable of germination and those seeds which are present in the lower level of the beach water should be taken out and saved so that when the season comes they can be cultivated with their help.

This variety of tomatoes was very large in terms of size, so more seeds are being seen. If you also have a variety that has lots of seeds, one tomato will be enough to grow many plants the following season.

Dry the Seeds At least for 3 days

It takes a few days for the seeds to dry well. Spread them on a plate and leave them to dry at a distance. Because the seeds are coated with gel, they may seem attached to the plate, but the beads will come off.

Save and Store

Now save the seeds in an envelope and keep them in a place where the temperature is not too hot, your seeds will be safe and ready for the next harvest.

If you are saving seeds of different varieties, try to write the name of each variety on their envelope so that you can identify the plants.

Final Short

Each plant has its importance and has different characteristics. I love growing tomatoes so I like to grow different varieties of tomatoes every year and save their seeds. So that I can see the green tomatoes and garden in my garden more happily and improve my soil environment, you also keep gardening and if you have any favorite tomato, its variety, or other vegetables you want to share with me. Be sure to share your opinion so that I can have new experiences and what’s happening in the world of gardening, which will help me a lot in gardening.

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