How to Make Liquid Fertilizer for Flowering Plants?

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Plant lovers are well aware of the importance of fertilizer as it helps in ensuring the health of the plants and the beauty of the garden. The stronger and better the roots of the plant grow, the more prosperous the leaves and flowers will be. Flowering plants depend on the season and some types of plants produce flowers all year round.

I will teach you how to make liquid fertilizer for both types of plants, with the help of which you will be able to easily make fertilizer at home from the waste material in your kitchen. This fertilizer is very effective as these plants stop blooming and leaves turn yellow after paying buds. After using it, the garden will be colorful with flowers.

What nutrients are fertilizers needed for flowering plants?


We need such an onion Peel liquid fertilizer that has a rich amount of potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus.  Phosphorus will bring more flowers to the plant while nitrogen will keep the plants lush green and not turn yellow and phosphorus will give strength to the buds. The main reason for the poor health of plants in pots is due to insufficient watering of the soil.  Try to prepare soil that drains as well as possible as standing water can cause wilting of flowers and leaves.

Be sure to water flowering plants when the topsoil appears dry. Mulch every seven days to aerate the soil and apply liquid fertilizer after about fifteen days.

What are the benefits of using fertilizers in the soil?

Photo by Sippakorn Yamkasikorn
  • Microbes and Bacteria: It increases the number of microbes and bacteria in the soil, which keeps the plant green and dense.
  • Improve Soil pH: It helps to dissolve all the nutrients in the soil and increases the soil pH.
  • Improve Aeration in Soil: Ensures climate to the plant’s roots contributes to continued good root growth.
  • Improve Earthworm Quantity: Increases soil nutrients and improves drainage, which is good for our soil.

Procedure to Make Organic Liquid Fertilizer with Onion Peel

Image by pressfoto on Freepik

Organic fertilizers keep plants green and full of flowers. Liquid fertilizers are of many types.  I will tell you how to make fertilizer from onion peels, which will improve the health of the plants and increase the strength of the roots. Put a handful of peels in a plastic bottle dissolve it in one liter of water and leave it in a shady place for 24 hours so that the energy can dissolve well in the water.

It is a treasure trove of nutrients and micronutrients for plants.

  • Potassium.
  • Calcium.
  • Magnesium.
  • Iron.
  • Copper.

Important Detail to Grow More Flowers and Branches

Care is very important to get more flowers from flowering plants. Cut the bud when the flower dries up after blooming. By doing this, the plant will put all its energy into forming new buds and you will see more flowers. Look at the plant again and see which of them have dry branches that have rotted, cut them in time, otherwise, the remaining branch that is still healthy will also get damaged.

This sight of nature is very interesting when new flowers bloom on the plant after rain, but if it has not rained for a long time and the plant is slow in producing flowers, then you should spray water on the plants as well.  Nature is beautiful, they express their happiness by producing flowers when they get water.

Final Short

Onion Peel fertilizer provides a nutrient-rich environment for plants, there is no cost to it. Kitchen waste becomes the food of our plants, from which the environment is also clean and the plants are also very fresh. Flowering plants need liquid fertilizers to keep plants energized and protected from attacks such as fungicides and pesticides.

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